The Earth is changing.

Humans are responsible for the unnatural changes related to climate and habitat, and we are blindly careening towards what Dr. E.O. Wilson has called “The Eremocene - The Age of Loneliness”. Unless we change our course, we will produce a world so different from the one in which we evolved that it will no longer support the majority of species that exist today.

Imagining a world where half of the earth has been set aside to protect the biodiversity on whose health all life depends, Symphorians is an ongoing adventure anthology series that combines the excitement of Indiana Jones and the epic fun of Star Wars/Farscape with the emotional sensibilities of Archie comics to convey a message of hope: we can alter our path and change our destiny to one that will prove beneficial to life on our planet. We can have a future with fish tacos.

In addition to reading Symphorians, I highly recommend that you check out Dr. E.O. Wilson’s books at your local library!

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