March 27th, 2019

Hi all,

A quick note from Arkansas to update you on Symphorians & other comic-related happenings.

First things first: I’ve posted the first chapter of Symphorians #2 - A Scandal in Academia where we meet a little girl & her tiger, along with a lot of folks in hospitals around the globe. See if you can spot the pop-culture cameos on page 2. One of the patients is a crude likeness of one of my favorite writers :)

I’m pretty far along with chapter 2 of Scandal, where we catch up with a thoughtful Maggie Knox. Then it’ll be time to check-in and see what Arthur & the SMARTis have been up too.

I’ve made some additional progress on “Love Evolves” - introducing the main male protagonist Zilhao & his woolly friend Red. I’ll be posting new pages pretty soon. Drawing that story is just so much fun.

Next, I’ve posted a brand-new Gowrow story - When Pigs Fry. Written by me and beautifully illustrated by Edgardo Granel-Ruiz, I hope that you enjoy it.

I’ve got a top-secret collaboration with Edgardo coming down the track. Stay tuned to twitter for updates on this project, which will be something completely new for me.

Last but not least (actually, this is my favorite thing to share) - Chelsea M (@CMissMarie) shared this stunning Symphorians piece that just blew me away.

I’m still giddy with delight just looking at this fantastic rendition of Arthur & Maggie. When I do a Kickstarter, I’m totally working out a deal with Chelsea to include this gorgeous piece as a reward. Thank you Chelsea!

If you havent already, then go check out Chelsea’s beautiful & mysterious series “Us Honourless Few” @ Fair warning - it’s not for kids but dang, it’s amazing.

I hope everyone has a great Spring.



February 5th, 2019

Hi everyone,

Welp, it’s a new year. I hope it’s a good one for you.

I’m very excited to finally get back on Symphorians. I’ve changed the title of issue #2 to “A Scandal in Academia”. I really can’t wait to draw Arthur & Maggie again. It was fun to do “Avea & the Lion”, which gives us a glimpse into what’s come before the main story. I’ll be continuing that story once I’m further along on “Scandal”. Here’s the cover art for issue #2.

A couple of other things going on:

I’ve posted the first pages of “Love Evolves”, a story set 40,000 years ago when the world of our hominid cousins, the Neanderthals, encountered Homo Sapiens in ways that would forever change both groups. With 20 chapters planned, this is a story that sprang from my love of anthropology. It’s one of those tales that just came together effortlessly. More to come! Check it out here:

Finally, Edgardo Granel-Ruiz has illustrated another Gowrow story. He has absolutely knocked this 6-pager out of the park. I’m lettering it & hope to share it soon.

There are a few other things stirring in the ether as we speak. I hope to have some more updates in the spring.

In the meantime, be good to each other. I know the world can be a tough place for each of us. I’m very grateful for all of you who have supported Symphorians.

Until next time,



P.S. I almost forgot to share this fan-art I did for Viki Kuli’s awesome webcomic Wednesday 7. If you haven’t already, then check out her work. She is an amazing talent! @

November 1st, 2018

The first 6 pages of Avea & the Lion have been posted. Enjoy!

March 27th, 2018

Hello again from the backwoods of Arkansas!

Things continue to move forward with Symphorians. As you might notice, we’ve got a brand spanking new logo. A special thanks to JamieMe ( and Micah (@micahdraws, creator of “The Sparrow” comic) for all the great feedback that led to the new design. You guys rock!

The other big news is related to the Symphorians companion series “Amazon Ace & the Half-Earth Rangers”, which follows the exploits of Naja (pronounced “Ni-ya”) Vasquez, a scientist and member of an elite H.E.R. task force.

Check out Naja’s first adventure by clicking on the link to the right or by downloading the comic from my Gumroad page.

Included with the comic is a 2 page graphic education piece on Wolves and trophic cascades.

Here is a teaser of the art:

Finally, I’m going to ask a favor of anyone who enjoys Symphorians: please sign up for the Symphorians mailing list AND tell your friends to sign up too! I will never share your email address with anyone. The quarterly “Buffalo Coast Bulletin” will go out to this list. The other reason to sign up is to help me build a mailing list as a step towards a Kickstarter campaign that will see Symphorians, Amazon Ace, and Born to Evolve (along with three other short comics) collected in a printed volume.

All right you fantastic people, be good, sign up for the Symphorian Guard mailing list, and register to vote at your local library!



January 24th, 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you enter 2018 with a heart full of hope.

Today is kind’ve a big day for Symphorians, as I finally finished the first story - A Study in Underpants.

(Applause sounds loudly in my head)

This is only the beginning, and I am super-excited to share where Maggie, Arthur, and the rest of the gang are headed next. North Africa, Scandinavia, and a little action in Antarctica to name a few locales :)

In the meantime, I’m working on finishing two shorter stories, one of which is related to Symphorians. Both will be posted here soon.

Also, please check out my Gumroad page if you would like to help support my work. Slowly but surely, I’m moving towards a print version of Symphorians that I hope will have an anthology feel to it, as I intend to include several backup stories and some special science-related content.

Thank you to everyone who has read the comic, liked/shared/commented on Twitter. This is definitely a labor of love, and I am grateful for your support. It’s such a great feeling when someone seems to like what your doing.

Finally, I received a wonderful gift from the fantastic Vera Kuli, creator of the webcomics Wednesday7 and Mousetranautz. She drew a fabulous picture of Arthur ready for the holidays. This made me so happy :) Thanks Vera!


You can check out her comic @ 

She also does commissions, so give her a follow @

All right folks, until next time: keep fighting the good fight with a smile on your face.



October 30th, 2017

Happy Halloween from the Buffalo Coast!

As you might have noticed, I’ve updated the first few pages of Symphorians to be less...talkie. I hope you like the revised pages.

Page 28 has been posted :) Everything is fine on this page. You don’t even need to check on Arthur and Maggie. All is well.

A few other things have been going on. Edgardo Granel-Ruiz (an artist from Puerto Rico) and I put together a short, four-page story called “The Gowrow of Hemmed-In Hollow” for the ComicBookHour - Vilified anthology. There is some great material in the anthology, so, be on the look out for that. Also, check out Edgardo’s work at:

Also, at the beginning of this month, I drew a piece of fanart for the awesome webcomic Daniel by Sarah Nelson.

If you guys want to read a nuanced and unique Vampire story, then check out Daniel and Sarah’s other work at

Finally, a review article from my lab was selected as the cover article for the November issue of Chemical Research in Toxicology. The folks at CRT were kind enough to ask me to provide art for the cover as well. Here’s the final proof. Check it out in November at

All right, until next time...




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